Welcome to Sarusan!

This is the home of the Chronicles of Sarusan, our campaign that will chronicle the exploration and colonization of the lost continent that has been near impossible to reach for centuries in Pathfinder’s Golarion setting.


We will be using the few fragments of information available at the start of the campaign as a guide, but the campaign will be our own. You players will have a chance to make the story yourselves as you explore the mysteries of this lost land.

There will be no metaplot, per-say; instead the story will be shaped through the advancement of the colony, the relationships the players make with various npcs, and peppered with adventures set in the many mysterious locations the continent has to offer.

I fully expect the story to quickly evolve as the players and characters help flesh out this new campaign.

Sarusan has many adventures waiting to be discovered. Are you ready?

Please see the House Rules and also Wiki Incentives.

The Chronicles of Sarusan

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