Wiki Incentives

Players can receive bonuses for their characters for creating additional NPCs for the ships that will be landing with them. This is to encourage everyone to help flesh out the world we will all be playing in.

Character’s Families – Having a family works as a tie in to the story as well as a strong sense of duty toward the colony. I am asking that players fully describe at least two people that came with them on the journey. You do not need to stat them out, but I want them described and personalities created for them. These characters can be the source of some great adventures in the future. In exchange for this information, characters will receive a BONUS FEAT. These have to be people that the characters care for.

Other NPCs – By assisting in creating other NPCs the players can earn their characters additional experience points. For each NPC they create that is not related to them in some way, they will receive a bonus of 100 XP. At the moment I am considering capping the XP at 300, but the more NPCs the better.

Bluebooking – Writing character journals, in-character dialogue and chronicling downtime activities will be rewarded with experience as well. So please, help keep the wiki up to date!

Wiki Incentives

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