Sandbox Exploration

The sandbox style of game is both a promise and a warning. There are stories already in existence across the continent of Sarusan. Your characters and indeed all of the new settlers to come to the land will be thrown into an already existing place and must carve out a niche for themselves in the dangerous land.

There will be areas that are dangerous that if your explorers are not on guard, may claim their lives very rapidly. This is unknown land. I will not be filtering the challenges based on your level. I will however, give perceptive characters clues and there will be opportunities to figure out what is lurking over the next rise before you stumble into a threat you are not prepared to face.

There will be lots of explore in the old continent. Collapsed civilizations from long ago will hold many secrets and stories in and of themselves.

There will be many benefits found out in the wilderness, but the longer you keep away from the colony the more it may suffer from the lack of it’s protectors.

Sandbox Exploration

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