House Rules

Maximum Hit Points

Player characters will have maximum hit points. Due to the dangers of the world not filtered by CR, the added hit points should serve as a bit of a buffer.

Colony Levels

As the colony advances, the PCs will be given special bonuses as a reward. These can take many forms. As a sneak peak, I am leaning toward granting a free Teamwork feat once the Colony advances to level one. See Colony Advancement for more details.

Critical Hits and Fumbles

I plan to build a list of critical hits and fumbles for the game. These will be in addition to normal critical hit rules. See Crits.

Magical Items and Identify

Identifying magic items will now take more than a successful spellcraft roll. A successful roll at 20 + CL of the item will give clues to the items function. The schools of magic involved will still be detectable. The item must be used to find out it’s abilities. If the Identify spell is used, then the basic properties of the item can be determined.

House Rules

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