Colony Advancement

The players are going to be responsible for protecting the colony and exploring the environs around it. Although you will not have strict in character control over the colony, the colony will “level up” at certain points allowing the party to get special bonuses from their efforts of protecting it.

These colony advancements will require specific tasks to be completed before they happen. Some of these will be known to the players and some of them will be secret advancements. This will be the only real guidelines to the development of the story. The rest of the adventure is going to be in a huge sandbox, allowing the players to do whatever they wish in the setting as it evolves around them.

For example, the initial tasks for the colony to reach level 1 will be:

  1. Survive the trip across the sea
  2. Locate fresh food and water
  3. Find a good location for the initial village
  4. Explore to determine local threats and resources
  5. Build the first structures

As the game progresses, the colony will need more things from it’s explorers and defenders. Safe trails to the other colonies; defense from Sarusan’s many threats; and tasks requested by various specialists that have come along for a chance at a new life.

Colony Advancement

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