Cirdan's Journal

Fireday, Abadius the 6th : Beach Landing

We arrived in eight short months to the new land aboard the Mara, a very fine crafted vessel commissioned by the Pathfinder’s society. The trip has been taxing for my family, especially my son, Amras Felagund. He is quite young and in the very short time we were on the ship he saw many pass from disease and weakness. He is not yet accustomed to the ways of the world, death and birth. Something soon I fear he will be exposed to far too often. My wife Inwȅ Felagund does her best to console him and keep him safe but I see the fear of the unknown gleam in her beautiful eyes.

Living amongst the other shipmates I deduced whom I could trust and who to watch out for. So as we arrived closer to shore and the majority of the people would be distracted I knew too well how vulnerable our families belongings would be. I dawned my armor and made my way below deck to waylay any thieves from removing items that did not belong to them.

Below deck I heard a rustling near our family’s quarters, and my stomach sank with anticipation of the impeding troubles. I turned the corner and, not really to my surprise, I see Dillon Clayson, Inwȅ Felagund’s low life brother with his crowbar out prying open one of our boxes.

Cirdan's Journal

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