Character Traits

You will find the campaign specific traits below. You may also select a trait from those found: here

Abadar’s Scale: You are blessed with a keen sense of magical component value and the economy of trade within the spirit of magic. Although you may not always have the correct spell components, you can substitute them for items of equivalent value.

You may cast spells with material components that you do not possess by exchanging an equal value item during casting. This is a move equivalent action to prepare the item before casting the spell, but can be done up to 24 hours in advance of casting the spell. You may also spend gold and jewels in exchange for more expensive spell components.

Ancient Scholar: No one has seen Sarusan in a very long time. How could you pass up such an opportunity? This is your chance to discover something that no one from the inner sea has ever seen and so you have taken it. You brought with you research materials and a collection of books on all the languages you might need.

You gain a +2 trait bonus to linguistics to decipher scripts. You can reference your books to learn languages when you level up, without needing a teacher, even new languages discovered on Sarusan. You must still spend the requisite skill points.

Face of the Colony: You have always had a way with words, either through high birth or just your natural talent. You’re also quite talented at making deals. When the colonist expedition needed people you saw the opportunity of a lifetime. When you arrive, you plan to be at the heart of any relations forged between the intelligent natives and the other colonies.

You gain a +1 trait bonus to diplomacy, and do not suffer a penalty to diplomacy rolls due to language limitations.

Family Ties: You made this trip more for your family than any need for adventure or for a chance to explore. Your family bonds are strong, and so is your sense of community.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when fighting to defend the village or your family from a threat. You also recover twice as fast from any wounds while spending time with your family.

Hoarder: You weren’t sure what would be needed in this new world, lucky for you that you’re a hoarder. You have an extra 100gp worth of gear “credit” that you do not need to declare before the game begins. At any time you can return to your luggage (kept at base camp) and pull out an item that you need, spending the appropriate amount of gold to pay for it from your “credit”.

Each time you level, you can add an additional 100gp to this credit to represent other things you pack away on your adventures, find while exploring, or trade for from the other colonists.

Special: You can make a DC 20 sleight of hand roll to pull an item from your gear credit while out on an adventure. This can only be done once per week.

Survivalist: You are a survivalist and a trailblazer by nature. Most likely raised in a rural area, you have learned all the tips and tricks to surviving off the land. Even though you may not know much about the lost continent of Sarusan, you still have a strong breadth of experience to fall back on.

You gain a +1 trait bonus to survival and stealth, and may choose one of these skills to always treat as a class skill.

Special: You gain a +2 bonus to survival and perception checks to notice resources that the colony can use.

Character Traits

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