The Chronicles of Sarusan

1st Session - Arrival

Fireday, Abadius the 6th – Vault Day

Months of travel had passed for the brave colonists aboard the Bellrunner and Mara, just two of the ships that had carried the great expedition across the ocean. Each ship had numbered one hundred colonists and seventeen to twenty crew, packed tight aboard ships destined for an uncertain fate.

After a dozen deaths from scurvy and disease, and eight months floating out on the ocean with nothing but ocean in every direction, finally the sound everyone had been waiting for as the man in the crows nest calls out “Land! Land!”.

The Bellrunner and Mara pulled away from the floatilla of other ships and toward the south, looking for a spot to call home.

It was late into the afternoon by the time they reached the beaches, pulling in to a natural blue bay sheltered by a large island from large waves. The massive bay was surrounded by tall cliffs and lush vegetation.

The air was warm, despite being in the middle of winter it was nearly ninety degrees out. The crew dropped anchor and everyone that was able leaped into the water to swim to land. Kissing the beach and being thankful that they had made it.

Cirdan waited below decks, taking the time to put on his armor and weapons. He knew that they were their most vulnerable upon first arriving. He waited near the hold for thieves. That is when he saw his brother in law, Dillon making his way to the hold.

more to come—-

Expedition to Sarusan


Oathday, Desnus the 1st

The Sarusan Expedition launches on time from the docks of Absolom. The historic colonist fleet numbers hundreds of ships from countless other ports all seeking a better life in a new frontier.

While the Pathfinder Society worked countless hours over the last two years securing the resources necessary for such an expedition, it was the dangers of the inner-sea region itself that helped spurn the expedition. The danger of the Second Earthfall, the awakening of the ancient Runelords, and other conflicts pushed these brave settlers to action.

The Age of Lost Omens has been an age of lost prophecies. It has seen the death of gods and the fragmenting of nations. Now these brave souls seek to forge a new destiny for themselves. They choose to forget the prophecies that fail to come to fruition and set out on a path never before considered in such a magnitude.

So the fleet gathered in Absolom over the last few months finally launches to strong winds and fortunes. Work came to a stand still in the city as the fleet set off, everyone saying a prayer to Desna to guide them to their promised destination.


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