Komina Riordan

Widowed mother of three.


Komina Riordan (age 40) is a gentle and caring woman. She is mother to Lackus, Adina and Pasara. Despite her loving nature, she has never been able to shake the deeply subconscious belief among some Taldans that they are simply the superior race when it comes to the sentient beings of Golarion. Though she never holds that against the “lesser” races. Her belief usually only noticeably manifests itself in her tendency to baby any non-Taldans she comes into frequent contact with. As some would with a wayward child in need of guidance.

Komina loves her children deeply and tends to spoil them when ever possible. Though she expects them to listen to her when she decides to (often) give them (questionable) advice. If this advice is not taken under grave consideration and promptly followed it will inevitably upset her. This is most apparent with her eldest daughter Adina. She does not agree with Adina’s budding passion for the more scholarly pursuits. Often saying that it is “very unladylike to know so very many things.”

Komina Riordan

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