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Durion and Amrasha Felagund


Cirdan was born to Durion(386) and Amrasha(398) Felegund in the Kingdom of Kyonin on the 27th of Desnus, 4576. Raised in a very traditional elven household, Cirdan was instructed in the arts of sword play, archery, but was shy to make friends because of his parents “beliefs”. Being members of the Winter Council, a shadowy group of elven traditionalists who have secretly assisted elven kings and queens since the return to Golarion, his parents thought it best if he followed the old ways and stayed in Kyonin and to not associate with non-elves.

Nearing his 84th birthday Cirdan began dreaming of far off coastlines and of foreign cultures. Humans, Dwarves, and halfing’s flirted in and out of his dreams until the morning of his 84th birthday when Cirdan awoke to see a rabble of butterflies outside his window. A sign from Desna that sparked his wanderlust. He packed his things and headed towards the coastal village of Greengold leaving a letter behind for his parents explaining to them his decision for leaving.

For the next twenty years Cirdan, still being shy, lived on the outskirts of the towns he traveled too only visiting to collect payment for his mercenary work or to sell his hides from his hunts. He became a great tracker of wild game and developed a keen eye for spotting danger for caravans he was protecting. It wasn’t until he met a very young diplomat of Andoran by the name of Aiden Clayson, who needed protection while traveling through Kyonin, did he have a steady job. The two became best friends over the years of travel. Aiden Clayson finally released Cirdan of his responsibilities once he married his wife, Nimwen Clayson, a Half-Elf from the Village of Greengold. Aiden and Nimwen both left for Andoran to start a family.

The next several years were very jarring for Cirdan as his friends grew up and had kids their own who were now adults. To Cirdan, he barely blinked an eye and almost thirty years had passed and not much had changed for him, but the world around him had. Cirdan, thinking that there was no time like the present, made plans to visit Aiden and his family in Andoran to catch up on old times.

Upon arrival to Aidens house, Cirdan was not greeted by a young diplomat he once remembered, but by a grey-haired old man with a limp. Thoughts of his mother’s lectures about non-elves weak lives ran through Cirdan’s mind every so quickly before he shrugged it off and introduced himself to Aiden’s children: Inwȅ Felagund and Dillon Clayson.

Cirdan’s short visit lasted several years and he began to have a certain fondness for Inwȅ Felagund and eventually asked Aiden’s permission to marry her. They now have a child of eight years of age named Amras Felagund.

Cirdan’s Journal

Cirdan Felagund

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